Our Service

For your subsidiary or representative office in Moscow, we assume the entire accounting function in Russia, including tax returns, management reporting and work permits.

Our Vision

We help international companies in Russia! In accounting, tax declarations, finance, law and real estate. This allows us to create a better quality of life for our customers, employees and investors!

Our Principles

Respect and Fairness: When dealing with other people, we are always respectful and fair. This applies to dealing with clients, colleagues, suppliers, candidates and other business partners.

Customer and Service Orientation

We help our customers in Russia. We think and act in a customer-oriented manner and do our best to solve customer problems. Our behavior towards the customer is always friendly and correct.


Accounting in Russia

This 3 minutes corporate movie will explain the vision of RUFIL CONSULTING and the customer benefit of accounting outsourcing.

Russian Accounting

Through accountancy outsourcing small and medium sized companies can save time and costs. Russian accounting is very bureaucratic and expenditure of work is significantly higher ... [read more]

Payroll Accounting

Russian payroll accounting points out a number of specific features. Complex calculation of monthly salaries and extensive documentation of Human Resource as well as administrative guidelines lead to ... [read more]

Management Reporting

For your subsidiary in Russia we offer you a complete Management Information System which connects your Russian day-to-day business with the international financial reporting (IFRS, US-GAAP) ... [read more]

Tax Consulting

Our accountants are expert in Russian law of taxation. We are always at your disposal as your reliable partners in terms of tax and duties in Russia... [read more]

Internal Audit

An internal audit helps you to receive precise information about the current financial position of your company ... [read more]

Legal Advisory in Russia

Юридическая консультация

Foundation and registration in Russia

Should you wish to set up a company in Russia, we are your competent partner. To get you started, we will advise you on the most suitable legal form... [read more]

Company liquidation in Russia

In withdrawing from the Russian market, your company must comply with local liquidation rules. In the event of liquidation, all business activities ... [read more]

Visa & work permit

 To send German employees to your Russian representative office or subsidiary, you will require a visa and a work permit. There are various types of visas ...[read more]

Interim Management

In the absence of a Managing Director recruited from your own ranks, we offer to carry out executive duties on your behalf...[read more]

Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions in Russia

We provide a full range of services related to Russian real estate. Are you planning to buy, sell, or rent? Regardless, we will advise you competently ... [read more]

Real Estate in Moscow

Büros in Moskau

Real Estate in Moscow

We support international companies in Moscow to find the right property or to bring them to market. We help our international clients in Moscow in the following areas ... [read more]

Full-service office in Moscow

The benefit for a company as a tenant is that within your office work you can fully concentrate on your business. All the ancillary operations will be taken care of by a professional service provider ... [read more]

A legal address in Moscow

It is not enough to rent a postbox to obtain a legal address. It must include a full lease or sublease contract in written form with a landlord. He has to agree to the use of the address as legal address ... [read more]